Moving checklist: 7 must-do tasks

by Rheanna Chou
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moving checklist

Now that my move is complete, I’ve been reflecting on all the work that went into moving, not just my house, but also my home office. I’ve been thinking about how handy a moving checklist for a home office would have been before my move. So I created one. If you’re gearing up for a move, I hope this helps!

  • Inform the government — This includes your local, state and federal government where applicable.
  • Change your address with the post office. You can fill out a change of address form online for $1 (plus tax), just like you would for your home address.
  • Change your address with your bank. Even though the post office will forward your mail, they don’t do this indefinitely — only for about a year.
  • Update your address with any vendors for which you have auto pay set up. Once you change the address on your cards, your payments won’t go through unless those addresses match.
  • Update your address on your website, social media pages, google and any marketing content you have out. Don’t forget your business cards!
  • Let the people you already do business with know about your change of location. They’ll want to update your address in their records.
  • Move your utilities and internet service. If you’re going to be without internet service for any length of time, have a backup plan for doing business until it’s installed. Coffee shop editing, here we come!

A note about packing: I saved essential office supplies for the last minute and just kept an open box under my desk. When it was time to make the move, I just taped up my box, put it in the car and took it directly to the new house. I also labeled everything — it made unpacking a breeze!

Also be thinking about how you’re going to set up your new office space. There’s never a better time to do a bit of redecorating or reconfiguring than when you move!

Do you think this moving checklist is helpful? Leave me a comment with your own moving struggles!

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