Working from home: It’s more accessible than we thought

by Rheanna Chou
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working from home

How COVID-19 has changed the way America works

I wrote this article for USA Herald, but I wanted to share it on here also because it’s relevant to freelancers — we’ve been working from home for a while.

This article is a commentary on how the coronavirus (COVID-19) is changing the way businesses are adjusting their work models in response to the spread of the virus. 

Adapt or close

Many businesses are choosing to set employees up for remote work to avoid halting operations entirely. And it’s working. Twitter is filled with users sharing their experiences setting up and working in their new home offices.

It’s also sparked a conversation about why workers, especially disabled workers, didn’t already have this option. There are so many benefits, and few drawbacks. 

Just to be clear, I understand that not everyone has the ability to work from home and many people are out of work at the moment. This is a time of uncertainty for many families, including mine.

My husband, like many others, has lost his source of income. He’s a commission-based employee in a sales job. With nonessential businesses shut down in our area, there are no sales right now. He’s also the main breadwinner for our family. Believe me when I say that I understand the struggle. 

Gaining perspective

This is a piece about perspective. I found it interesting that with everything that’s going on, with all of the changes other businesses are being forced to make, that things weren’t changing much for me as far as work arrangements go.

I’ve felt for years that remote work was the future of many office jobs and it’s been surreal to see the massive shift to remote work in a matter of weeks in response to this pandemic. Working from home just makes sense. Why did we need a pandemic to make it happen?

Remote work challenges — and solutions 

I’d love to hear from you about your own experiences as a freelancer during the COVID-19 outbreak. For me, life hasn’t changed all that much — other than adjusting to having my kids home 24/7 (their school shut down in response to the outbreak and there are no plans for reopening this school year).

Home-based learning is a new challenge for us and I’ve had to learn to share my PC with my kids so they can work too. But other than that, I’m still doing what I usually do. 

What’s changed for you guys? Has anything changed at all? How are your friends and family who are attempting remote work adjusting? Tell me about it in the comments!

And if you know anyone who needs tips for how to set up a home office, have them check out this article — there’s some solid info in there for setting up a home office you want to do work in!

Stay home and stay healthy!

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