About me

Hi there, Reader! My name is Rheanna (think Rhiannon without the closing ‘n’), and I’m a freelance editor and blogger fresh out of the healthcare marketing industry. I quit my safe job as a copy editor, applied for a couple of business licences and have been navigating small business ownership one challenge at a time.

I am striking out as a freelance editor in an effort to take control of my career in a way that just doesn’t seem to be available in the corporate world, regardless of company culture. This blog is a testament to that experience and serves as a platform for my professional growth.

My professional interests include health and wellness as well as all things parenting-related. I’m also an avid reader and would love to move into book editing at some point.

Since this is as much of a learning experience as it is a business venture, I would love to hear from like-minded (and even not so like-minded) entrepreneurs. Send me a message or comment on my content — let’s chat!